-Tiff Clitheroe-

.All You Need To Know.

There are many Stories I could tell you about my life, they are stories based on memories and my memories could be exagerated or filled with emotions that distort what acualy happened. So I wont tell you a story of what I have done that has made me "who I am. All you need to know is what is happening at this moment I write this.

I currently live in Exmouth Western Australia.

This town is isolated but surrounded by nature, if you are unsure of the location, google it and you will see what people travel here for.

being away from the majority of the population, I am able to connect to myself with less interferance than I had being in the concrete jungle.

I am extremely grateful for the life I am living, making decisions to pursue what I beleive to be love of life and a grater love for myself also, which is essential to being content.

Creativity for me is expressed through the tool of visual art.

I feel as if I am on a journey to find my voice in that, however I am seeing that the voice will continuely change shape and who knows where that will take me, us or anyone associated.

It is another moment of exploration, but more of a journey of what is on the inside that comes out, what it connects with on a bigger scale.

more than yourself, to be apart of, not be seperate.